Adjustable Woodcraft Metal Blade Spoke Shave Plane Wood Working Hand Tool



Adjustable Woodcraft Metal Blade Spoke Shave Plane Wood Working Hand Tool DescriptionDescription: Adjustable Wood Craft Metal Blade Spoke Shave Plane Woodworking Hand ToolFeatures:adjustable planing birds can dig the corner arc, and can dig all kinds of plastic.Amateur carpentry blade angle adjustment easily achieve accurate.You can grind the blade angle by using the grindstone talc.Can be applied to a variety of hard and soft wood, this product is number 65 manganese steel blade.Hardness between 58-60 degrees, easy to grind the blade angle. Can not afford to steel. Not volume knife. Steel hardware. Easy to wear. Durable. Planing body spray. Asana beautiful. Low prices.Specifications:Product Name: Bird planing (Full Metal)Material: high quality gray iron manganese steel hardness 65Length: 21cmCutting Edge: 44mmPrecautions: When the planer mill, plus water mill on the grindstone. Otherwise annealing affect usability.Packing included:2 x Woodworking Hand Tool
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