Busch-Jaeger 2105 35 Rocker



SummaryFor Everything close to your heartSwitching ModeBusch-Jaeger 2105 35 Rocker DescriptionBusch-Jaeger 2105 35 Rocker – For Everything close to your heart – Switching Mode — Box Contents include sealing ring; IP 44 protection class only in conjunction with the all weather 44 Frame is a two part rocker. Print/labelling, does not have a print. Use all of switch/button. Attachment Type is screw fastening. Material is plastic. Material quality is thermoplastic. Halogen-free is Yes. With a natural surface. Design with a shiny surface. Colour: Anthracite. RAL Number (similar to) is 7021. Suitable for degree of protection (IP) is IP44. Colour version is anthracite Series, change./Switch 2-way. Busch-Jaeger – Rocker Anthracite Series, change./Switch 2-way. 2105 – 354011395873304 — Welcome to our OnBuy storefront, where you can find reduced prices on many items. We look forward to serving you to your highest satisfaction. By buying from us, you agree to our terms & conditions. If you have any queries please contact us through onBuy.

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