Rock Fall Granite Water Resistant S3 Safety Boots with Midsole RF170 – Black



Rock Fall Granite Water Resistant S3 Safety Boots with Midsole RF170 – Black DescriptionRock Fall Granite Water Resistant S3 Safety Boots with Midsole RF170 – BlackRock Fall RF170 Granite Black Mens Safety Boots are water reistant, premium quality, safety boots. Featuring a shock-resistant and crushproof stainless steel toe cap a penetration resistant, stainless steel midsole. The safety boots uppers are manufactured from super tough buffalo leather that provides increased water resistance and is lined with a breathable mesh lining thst also provides cold resistance up to -17c. Additional features of the boots are a FORCE10 advanced technology solid rubber outsole that is tested to extreme levels and achieves one of the highest abrasion resistant results of any outsole on any safety boot on the market. The sole is also SRC, HRO and CI certified. The boot also has a FORCE10 solid rubber scuff cap to the toe area. The safety footwear is anti-static, has an oil and contact heat resistant outsole up to 300c, and is also cleated for gripping loose or uneven ground. Designed with a limited external stitching to help reduce the chance of the stitching degrading over time or in harsh environments. This high quality work boot is built for ultimate protection, safety and comfort. Ideal for use by outdoor workers, tradesmen, construction workers, engineers, etc. The workboots uppers are manufactured from extra tough black, waterproof, buffalo leather. The insole is full length, manufactured from EVA providing enhanced anti-fatigue properties. The outsole is manufactured from FORCE10 nitrile rubber and is SRC slip resistant, heat and cold resistant.
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