Thuasne Ligaflex Post Operative Knee Brace Open



SummaryROM Knee immobilizerPost-operative hinged knee splintAdjustable monocentric hinge (restriction of movements and locking in extension)4 support straps for better reinforcementOne size fits allThuasne Ligaflex Post Operative Knee Brace Open DescriptionDESCRIPTION:
Thuasne Ligaflex Post-Operative Knee Brace is hinged knee splint with monocentric joint flexion and extension angle adjustable in steps of 7.5 ° (flexion from 0 ° – 120 ° extension from 0 ° – 75 °). It has fabric with adjustable duralumin, Close by velcro system. It is recommended for Severe sprain and after surgery.
Immobilisation provided by 2 adjustable lateral reinforcements
Condylar pads provide comfort for the knee
Adjustable height for correct support
Manual adjustment of flexion from 0° to 120°, and extension from 0° to 75°
The fitter must put the orthosis on for the first time
Adjust the length of the orthosis to the subjects height
If necessary, cut the upper and lower parts of the stays, using the notches provided for this purpose, it is important to retain two support straps on each side of the knee. To do this you can cut the foam complex lengthways to prevent any overlap.
Adjust the hinges according to the medical indications
Completely open the knee brace (textile part and straps)
Place the orthosis behind the leg, taking care to position the hinges at knee level
Close the textile part, then tighten the straps in order to ensure that the knee brace is held firmly in position


Colour: Black

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