Wireless Smart Home Touch Wall Lamp Light Switch With Remote Control



SummaryReplace your existing home or office light switch with a futuristic one-touch alternativeHoused in fireproof ABS plastic & with a smooth glass panel for easy useIncludes remote control (23A battery not included) to adjust your lighting from afarEasily works with any existing lighting – you change the light switch, not the bulbsSimple to find in the dark for instant illumination – no more fumbling for switchesWireless Smart Home Touch Wall Lamp Light Switch With Remote Control DescriptionKeeping your home fresh and modern with the coolest tech is made that bit easier with this remote control wall light. Designed with a sleek, minimalistic look that completely replaces an existing light switch in the home or office, this smart home wall light switch ensures youre easily able to illuminate a room at just a touch.
The remote control for this smart home wall light adds some extra range to your options though, so youre not using just touch alone. Whats more, youre able to make any existing lighting in your home or office that much more modern to flick on and off this way – youre replacing the switch, not the bulbs or existing lighting.
Housed in fireproof ABS plastic and with a smooth glass panel finish, this remote control wall light switch needs a 23A battery (not included) to get going – but once its live, will easily make any room its in more modern, convenient and all-round cool!

Manufacturers description:
Its LED backlight lets you easily find and turn on the switch at night. Used with all types of lights including incandescent, fluorescent lamps, tubes, energy saver and motion sensor lamps and so on.
Replace your traditional wall switch completely and smoothly. It can be used to control lights or home appliances. Upgrade your home with this modern, fashionable alternative to traditional light switches.
Suitable for the home, office, hotel, hospital and so on. Easy to use and install.

Colour: White
Size: 86 x 86 x 33mm
Switch type: Touch On/Off
Switch panel material: High quality glass panel and fireproof ABS plastic
Voltage: 110~240v/50-60Hz
(Max.) Load power: 3-300w

The product does not include the 23A 12V battery.

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